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Miles Beard doesn’t just play music. He lives it. Growing up in a family where his father was playing multiple gigs a week in a rock band, “The Sound Company,” Miles would travel along learning the ins and outs of the music business, as well as, the pure joy of entertaining others. After attaining enough money from his Bar Mitzvah gifts, Miles decided to purchase his first CDJ DJ system. For hours at a time, Miles would practice in his garage driving both his neighbors and parents crazy. For 7 years now, Miles Beard has transitioned in to one of Los Angeles’ most sought after DJ for nightclubs, parties, and special events. He recently participated in KIIS FM’S “So You Wanna Be A DJ?” competition. After competing against hundreds of people, Miles was crowned as the champion by some of LA’s most influential radio DJs. Miles continues to do on-air work and special events with the KIIS team.

Miles’ style cannot be categorized. In fact, his musical inspiration resembles something more along the lines of an assorted box of chocolates. From Daft Punk to The Temptations, Kanye West, Earth, Wind, and Fire, AC/DC, Stevie Wonder and many other great artists, Miles sees the value in all genres. Miles feels by incorporating diversity into his music he is able to create mash-ups and remixes that allow him to connect with people from every demographic.

At such a young age, Miles has already proven himself in the eyes of giants. Miles isn’t your typical DJ. He doesn’t concentrate on the wild world of nightlife. More than anything, he respects the DJs who have paved the way, giving him the opportunity to do what he loves most.

He is Music. He is DJ Miles.